Originally I have a degree in electrical engineering and worked over 20 years in the field of information technology, helping to resolve issues on the system and testing hardware and software for bugs.
Throughout my life I always suffered from slipped discs and there I came in contact first time with complementary medicine.

2009 I met my wife who is a practitioner for traditional chinese medicine and with her I discovered Mindfulness and Meditation.

When we expected our daughter in 2016, we took a class in hypnobirthing.

It was an unbelievable day, that day my wife experienced a painfree wonderful birth, staying calm and focused, helped me as well to change my perspective on life itself.

Soon after I went to London and studied evidence based hypnotherapy, which fascinates me even more now. Taking this path I knew I can make a difference - as it did for me. The fact that every human being is "working" in a unique way, and that as a therapist one needs to stay flexible, fascinates me.

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