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The featured artists represented by JOEL SCHUR IT & SMART Solutions are presented in your home by request and promoted for individual needs for your office or home. Our special relationship with these artists enables us to offer exclusive pieces from their catalogues to interested buyers. In combination with technology we enhance your office, business or home, so that you can be inspired daily while working.

Get to know some of our valued artistic partners below.

Joel Schur

The Unique Sculpture Game by Joel Schur

Double-Sided maze hand made from natural materials to themes of your choice and ideas, as a role game or alone, as a sculpture or for use. 

It is your choice what you make or take out of it. Inspired by the world - all possibilities are given. There is always a way from Start to End. 

Manufactured individually and uniquely for you. 

Dan Rubinstein
For the love to the Human being

The word symbolism inevitably comes to our mind when discussing the life and work of Dan Rubinstein, a man who was able to transform – to sublimate – his bitter fate into creative power. His landscapes, his flowers, his circus scenes and above all, his sketches of musicians at work have been exhibited in New York, Chicago, France, Sweden, London, Germany, not to mention his yearly exhibitions in Gstaad during the Yehudi Menuhin Music Festival. Yet next to these works which express an exuberant joy in life, Rubinstein likes to delve into the realm of symbolism and mysticism as found in the Bible and Kabbalah. One of his first mentors in  this area was the late Prof. Friedrich Weinreb.

Michael Schur 
1934 - 2016
Lifelong passion for Art

The classic lines of gothic architecture have interested Michael Schur; also the contrasts of stained glass windows with their vibrant colours. Oil was his preferred medium, with strong rhythmical movement through layers of paint. He was inspired by the masters of impressionism and the post-impressionists as well. Colour and texture are his way of relating to the subject matter, with strong compositional lines, which are a common denominator in all his paintings. Influenced by the phenomenon of nature's harmony. The affinity that people find in nature's magical effects fascinated him. Musical themes, seascapes and street scenes were also very much part of his source of inspiration.

Michael Schur - Red Avenue_640x480_90quality_30.10.2014.jpg